Full Price arrives in Fort Lauderdale, the “Venice of America”

We are at the beginning of 2022 and in Italy as in the world the Omicron variant is spreading, hitting hard, among others, also the tourism sector. Despite this there are tourist destinations that continue to present good performance, places where there are less restrictions on travel and leisure. Thanks to its expansion campaign in the USA, where it is already strongly present on the territory of Miami, Full Price lands in Fort Lauderdale, a seaside city nicknamed “the Venice of America” because of its canals, in which wineskins to the water-taxis, boats and luxurious yachts, you can see also.. gondolas!

Venice is unique and inimitable, we do not resent our Venetian friends, but actually looking at the landscapes of this exotic and colorful city, many things recall our pearl on the Adriatic Sea. Fort Lauderdale is a city that stands out immediately for being the perfect combination of liveliness and tranquility, the ideal mix of relaxation and fun, so much so as to be seen by many as a viable alternative to certainly the most famous Miami Beach.


As with many cities in Florida, the economy of Fort Lauderdale is based on seaside tourism: it was in fact one of the favorite destinations of the “Spring Break”, the holidays of American colleges during the Easter period, with hundreds of thousands of students attracted by its beaches. To date this flow has been reduced by the laws of the county and has been replaced by other types of visitors who have taken its place, keeping the tourist flow on average of almost 11 million people a year.

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Another pillar of the local economy is the nautical industry, being the organizer of the world’s largest boating fair, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, held every October and attracts over 100 thousand visitors.

Florida’s coastal cities are some of the destinations that are suffering less from the negative impact of the lack of tourism in this two-year pandemic. This is because of the reduced restrictions imposed by the State for travel and recreation, both because the climate is always mild and the US domestic tourism chooses them for their holidays, just as happened to our coasts in the previous two summers, with the difference that he could do it for all twelve months except September, less requested period because of the rain.

Working with destinations that have such a stable seasonality throughout the year is very interesting and it is equally interesting to see how the behavior of travelers is experiencing a substantial change with many things in common with Italian destinations, albeit overseas.

One thing is certain: Miami as Fort Lauderdale, are experiencing a very positive moment from the point of view of tourism. We can only hope that they are phenomena to be associated with overcoming the brake imposed by the pandemic, and that all this also happens to Italy as soon as this further difficult period passes.

Moreover, the previous months of late summer and early autumn have already shown the speed of reaction that our territory enjoys.

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