The first South American collaboration: Full Price now in Cartagena de Indias

Colombia: a country with a thousand resources.

Colombia is currently one of the most attractive tourist countries in the Caribbean.

In 2022 it was one of the nations that, with equal period, showed a total resumption of tourism after the period of Covid-19.

This is possible because Colombia is a country with a thousand attractions for tourists, being rich in history, culture and nature alike.

Its geography is divided in half between the mountains to the west and the plains to the east.

The famous Cordillera delle Andes, divided into three zones (Oriental, Central and Occidental), although the highest peak of Colombia is part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and is the Pico Cristóbal Colón.

On the other side we find the Llanos Orientales, flat areas that have a wild nature, typical of the Amazon rainforest, and where we can find the Amazon River.

Cartagena, the city with a thousand faces

If we get out of the pristine nature of Colombia, we find its populous cities, of which Cartagena is the main tourist attraction.

The territory of Cartagena is not limited to the city, located in a bay, but also to some of the islands in its surroundings. Its history is particularly rich, as it was the main Colombian port during the Spanish colonial period.

In the historic center of Cartagena we can find the Cathedral of San Pedro Claver, full of important statues including the official one of Papa Wojtyla, the maze of streets and paths “Bairro Getsemani” full of vintage restaurants and traditional dishes, Plaza de la Trinidad, famous for street food and folklore shows, the Fortified City and the Castle of San Felipe de Barajas, on the hill of San Lazaro.

In addition to these historical attractions, in Cartagena we can also find beautiful nature areas. The most famous are the Bolivar Park, which in the evening becomes placoscenic for typical Colombian shows and music, and the Playa Bianca, in the nearby island of Barù, which is known for its white color and its tranquility (despite being a strong attraction for tourists).

A city with a thousand faces, that does not suffer much from the seasonality and that is always attractive for travelers looking for a naturalistic and cultural destination, where to learn the local history, to be passionate about the Colombian traditions and to relax on the white beaches.

With the new collaboration, Full Price ensures that it is part of this unique tourist reality, and we are sure that it will prove to be a winning choice.

The word to you: have you ever been to Colombia? Have you ever visited Cartagena?

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