Full Price spreads wings and flies to Dubai

Ready for a new challenge

In a world where innovation is the foundation of growth, Full Price marks a new chapter in its history.

After leaving a footprint (hopefully positive) and supporting the growth of managers in numerous cities around the world such as Bogota, Cartagena, Miami, Orlando, San Diego, Philadelphia, Phuket and many more, we are excited to announce our arrival in Dubai, the city of gold and business.

This step not only excites us and confirms the appreciation of the extra-hotel sector towards us, but above all it stimulates us to the new challenges that we will face in the most dynamic city of the Arab Emirates.

Why Dubai

Known for its breathtaking skyscrapers, artificial islands and a fast-growing economic ecosystem, Dubai is the perfect destination for our work.

Hospitality is one of the pillars of its economy, the extra-hotel market is rapidly expanding and, in particular, the wide range of accommodation facilities outside of traditional hotels, including holiday apartments, holiday homes, villas and luxury homes.

However, working in the extra-hotel in this city presents a number of unique challenges and opportunities that are worth exploring.


Dubai has introduced stricter regulations for out-of-season accommodation in recent years, including the need to obtain specific licenses for accommodation facilities.

These regulations are becoming increasingly complex, which can pose a challenge for property managers.

Increased competition

With the increasing popularity of extra-hotel options, the competition has become intense. Managers need to develop effective marketing strategies and pricing to attract guests to a saturated market.

Seasonal fluctuations

Tourism in Dubai is known for its seasonal fluctuations. During the summer months, in fact, extreme temperatures can greatly reduce the influx of tourists and managers must be prepared to manage these fluctuations in bookings.

In short, a not bad arena to prove our value and our professionalism.

Full Price, the right partner to make a difference

This is the challenge that makes us so proud and excited to start this new adventure.

Dubai is a unique arena for the extra-hotel sector, with a growing market and challenges to face that reflect what we like to do (and that we do well).

The opportunities for success are significant and, with the right approach and a thorough understanding of the market and its mechanisms we can bring profitable and satisfactory results to our property managers.

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And as always. Good Revenue!

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