Extra Book

The definitive guide to emerge in the non-hotel sector

The non-hotel world has made giant strides during the pandemic in terms of digitizing the offer and increasing the skills required to carry on its business.

To help hosts and non-hotel entrepreneurs remain competitive, the Extra Academy team has created a guide with contributions from all its trainers, each for their own area of ​​specialization, which provides a complete overview of the skills needed today to be successful in the rental sector short and vacation rental.

December 29th 2021

For those who deal with non-entrepreneurial non-hotel hospitality, in my case tourist rentals, but also B&Bs, room rentals, etc., it is an indispensable guide to avoid making mistakes. Easy and quick to consult, being structured like a FAQ, it addresses all aspects of hospitality: how to start the business, how to make it attractive and promote it, what the fiscal and legal obligations are, etc. Unique and up-to-date.