Full Price lands in Milwaukee: beer, basketball and… Revenue Management!

Full Price is going to add a little spice to the world of extra-hotel Revenue Management, and where? In Milwaukee! Famous for its beer, basketball teams that fear no rivals, and now also for our presence, this city is ready to receive a Full Price touch.

Not Just Beer and Basketball

It’s no secret that Milwaukee is known for its breweries and basketball fans (greetings to the Milwaukee Bucks!), but there’s more. The city is a melting pot of culture and innovation, making it an ideal playground for us at Full Price. Our plan? Help the managers of extra-hotel accommodation to make baskets with their rates.

With its vibrant cultural scene and events, the city attracts millions of visitors every year. From summer music festivals to world-class art museums, the city offers a wide range of attractions that increase the tourist flow and demand for extra-hotel accommodation.

Just to make you understand what we are talking about, here are some data:

  • Direct visitor spending in 2022 was $3.315 billion, an increase of 20.5% over 2021.
  • Tourism supported 43,189 full-time jobs with a 4% increase over 2021.
  • The income from work deriving from tourism has totaled 1,944 billion dollars, suffering also here an increase of 16% regarding 2021.
  • Total business sales due to tourism in the Greater Milwaukee area totaled $6.018 billion, up 15% from 2021.


Then we are ready: we bring our experience to Milwaukee, but with a little bit of customization. Here, our tactic is based on analyzing the local market, understanding the peculiarities of the city and adapting our innovative strategies to meet the needs of the smartest managers.

Growing Together in the City of Beers

Entering the Milwaukee market is not only a milestone for us, but also a golden opportunity (or should we say “malt”?) for local homeowners.

We are thrilled to start this new adventure in such a dynamic city. And we promise: with Full Price, the future of Revenue Management in Milwaukee will be just as exciting as a basketball championship final!

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