Philadelphia: a new challenge for Full Price

After being noticed in extraordinary metropolises such as Miami, Dubai and Phuket, our journey takes us to one of the historic pearls of the United States: Philadelphia. We cannot but share our promising collaboration!

Why Philadelphia

The decision to bet on Philadelphia has been considered and targeted. This metropolis is not only a new scenario of challenge for revenue management, but also a chance for Full Price to immerse themselves in an environment full of history, culture and immeasurable potential. A city that acts as a bridge between the majesty of its historical heritage and the glittering contemporary innovations.

The peculiarity of Philadelphia in the eyes of Full Price? The rapidly growing demand for high standard accommodation in the out-of-hotel sector, an ideal arena to showcase our expertise and passion for revenue management.

Ready for New Challenges and Opportunities

The short-term housing market in Philadelphia is booming. The range of offers ranges from classic B&Bs to ultra-modern extra-hotel facilities.

And here is Full Price. Thanks to our tenacity and deep expertise in revenue management, we aim to redefine the pricing strategies of hosts, ensuring their optimal returns.

How do we do that?

In-Depth Market Analysis: With our global presence, we have developed a unique expertise in trend analysis in the out-of-hotel sector. In Philadelphia, we will continue to probe the market, understanding the specific needs of managers and travelers.

Tariff Optimization: Philadelphia, with its pulsating rhythm, alternates periods of high and low turnout. With our advanced rate system, Full Price will guide operators in finding the optimal price for each season, ensuring maximum profits and constant employment.

Advanced Technology: The innovative essence of Full Price translates into offering cutting-edge technology solutions for booking management, property promotion and guest interaction.

History and the future are intertwined in the streets of Philadelphia, and Full Price is excited to become an integral part of this narrative. As we continue our journey of expansion and growth, we remain true to our mission: to provide revenue management solutions tailored to each city where we operate.

So, as always… Good Revenue!

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