Full Price adds Nashville to collaborations: The City Of Music

Today we can finally formalize another important addition to the collaborations of Full Price: Nashville, capital of Tennessee, nicknamed The City of Music for its relevance from a musical point of view, especially for the American country style.

Perhaps not everyone knows that Nashville, the capital of the State of Tennessee, lying on the banks of the Cumberland River, with an area of 1,362.6 km², is the real home of country music. It is home to the Grand Ole Opry, a popular radio show, the Country Music Hall of Fame, many record companies, and Gibson, one of the largest guitar and bass companies.

Nashville is also famous for the film of the same name by director Robert Altman, and for being chosen by Elvis Presley, as the artistic-compositional basis of part of his songs, recorded in one of his studios. Nashville is also considered the southeastern Athens of the United States, due to its many buildings, such as the 1876 copy of the Parthenon, built in the classical architectural style.

Full Price aggiunge Nashville alle collaborazioni: “The City Of Music”2

Full Price adds Nashville to collaborations: The City Of Music

Nashville is a must in Tennessee. The first settlers who in the 1700s landed safely on the banks of the Cumberland River celebrated with dances and melodies performed at the fiddle (a violin).

During the 1800s the city grew as a music center thanks to the university group Fisk Jubilee Singers who carried around the world his shows. They also performed in England for Queen Victoria who called them “from the city of music” and so Nashville was nicknamed “Music City”.

Today Nashville has a historic center characterized by the presence of the State Capitol government building, built in 1845 in neo-Hellenic style, the Tennessee Bicentennial Mall, well-known shopping center and the Centennial Park, which houses a copy of the Parthenon.

Also worth a visit are the Music Valley, with the huge Opry Mills shopping mall, the Grand Ole Opry House, the famous country music concert hall, nicknamed the “mother church of country music”, the Grand Ole Opry Museum, that tells the story of the Opry through wax statues dressed in colorful costumes and period items, the Minnie Pearl Museum and the Roy Acuff Museum, part of a village rebuilt in Victorian style. 

Nashville: our practice

The territorial study that we have conducted shows us how much it has developed from the tourist point of view, the area counts little less than seven thousand extra-hotel accommodation facilities, mainly located in the city center, with a good growth trend from 2018 to today (in 2018 there were just over five thousand).

Tourism has a very stable seasonality, with peaks of presence in spring and autumn.

The average income of accommodation in relation to the cost of real estate gives a very high grade to the territory (100 out of 100), as well as the territorial demand (72 out of 100) and the growth of the tourist economy (82 out of 100). 

These indices give the territory the A+ rating with a total score of 95 out of 100, so a city where it is highly recommended to invest in tourist activities.

Full Price has recently started his career in this area and we are sure that it will be full of satisfaction.

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And as always. Good Revenue!

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