Revenue Management Extra Hotel- How to build tariffs

Revenue Management Extra Hotel- How to build tariffs

In the third and last episode of the interviews of Host-b2b to Full Price, Marco Nicosia Expert in Revenue and Profit Management Extra Hotel, explains how to build the rates of your accommodation and how to make them effective over time.

Pricing is what is most often associated with the activity of extra-hotel revenue management, and although it is not the only job of the revenue manager, it is essential to increase the performance of your structure.

Here’s what you’ll find in the video:

  • How to calculate the rate of an accommodation
  • Why get more rates
  • How to build the calendar rate
  • How to change the rate over time
  • The rules for tariffs

Here below the full video of the third episode.

We hope you enjoyed and enjoyed this journey of three video interviews.

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And as always. Good Revenue!

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