Revenue Management Extra Hotel – How to analyze data

In the coming weeks Host-b2b and Full Price will publish videos where Gianpaolo Vairo and Marco Nicosia will talk about Revenue and many interesting curiosities in its application to the Extra Hotel sector.

In the first interview entitled Revenue Management Extra Hotel – How to Analyze Data, Marco Nicosia tells us how to make a correct analysis of the data related to bookings received.

Here’s what you’ll see in the video:

  • What the Revenue Manager does;
  • What indices to consider;
  • Specific data to analyze (KPI);
  • Revenue to Profit Management;
  • Everything faster without errors;
  • The Costing;
  • From analysis to practice.

Here below the full video of the first episode.

Stay connected for future episodes.

For any questions write a comment below.

And as always. Good Revenue

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